Welcome to our ninth year of producing X-OLOGY Magazine. It’s hard to believe we began work on this publication nearly 10 years ago with research and focus groups to help create the most informative magazine highlighting the region’s emerging technology sectors. And now, after all these years, the word “emerging” could be replaced with “thriving” as most of the sectors that were in their infancy in Michigan — alternative energy, life sciences and advanced manufacturing, just to name a few — are now full-blown, viable industries.

One of these, cybersecurity, is the focus of our winter 2015 issue. It’s a topic that makes headlines every day as cybercrime escalates. According to a recent report published by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, cybercrime’s impact includes 40 million people in the U.S. having their personal information stolen within the last year and an unnamed oil company losing hundreds of millions of dollars in business opportunities when hackers obtained its oilfield exploration data.

That’s just for starters. But Michigan companies like Duo Security, OpTech, RazorThreat and 3LG Tech Solutions, featured in this issue, are working to battle cybercrime with new technologies and strategies.

One of the prominent players in Michigan’s fight against cybercrime is featured in our People Profile. David Behen, the state’s CIO and director of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, shares his thoughts on how Michigan is leading the nation’s cybersecurity initiatives and stresses the importance of educating kids on cybersafety, something this father of three is fiercely committed to.

And on the topic of education, our Education Kaleidoscope article takes a look at how liberal arts graduates might just be the solution to filling many of today’s tech jobs as employers look for individuals who can bring communication and people skills to the tech table. Many employers are finding that a balanced team — made up of techies as well as those who excel in soft skills — is the key to their success. 

As we begin the new year, we’ve also added a new department to X-OLOGY: NewsMakers. The goal of NewsMakers is to feature up-and-coming companies, introduce people who are making a mark in the region and share other Michigan-related news. Let us know your thoughts about our addition to the magazine, as well as your ideas for future topics to cover in 2015.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Jane Racey Gleeson