making medical procedures safer, more efficient

Ann Arbor, MI-based Biotectix has developed a conductive coating for medical devices to maximize efficiency and safety during cardiac or nervous system procedures.

According to Biotectix co-founder Sarah Richardson-Burns, Amplicoat, the electro-conductive coating, provides greater tissue-sensing resolution and more localized stimulation control for better communication between human tissue and a medical device’s electrode. The technology allows surgeons to perform less invasive examinations and procedures.

The coating can be applied to a variety of metal electrodes, providing a solution for numerous medical-device applications, including neurostimulation, cardiac pacing, electrophysiology recordings, cochlear implants and gastrointestinal recording and stimulation. The technology may also enable the development of smaller implantable medical devices in the future.

Richardson-Burns says Amplicoat is a “true breakthrough technology.” The company is working with medical manufactures to incorporate Amplicoat into their devices, with non-medical applications for the coating under development.