seeing brain tumor tissue more clearly

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Neurosurgeons at the University of Michigan are using an innovative microscopic technology to help differentiate between normal brain tissue and tumor tissue.

Using the stimulated Raman scattering microscope, U-M surgeons have successfully imaged more than 60 patient samples in the last six months. U-M neurosurgeon Dr. Daniel Orringer, who is currently piloting the technology, says his team is able to see tumors that would normally be invisible in the operating room, adding that the decision-making process is now driven by real-time data. 

The Raman scattering microscope, which could be submitted for approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the next two years, would be accessible in the operating room, allowing surgeons to immediately test tissue samples. Currently, the tissue must be frozen, sectioned, stained and interpreted by pathologists, a procedure that often takes a half hour or more.