billhighway launches academy

Many companies are struggling with a shortage in qualified software development talent. According to a survey conducted across the United States and Canada by Technology Councils of North America (TECNA), Apollo Education Group and its subsidiary, University of Phoenix, more than two-thirds of employers said they are taking action to address the shortage by offering internships and training.

Billhighway is one of these companies. The financial management software developer headquartered in Troy, MI, recently launched Billhighway Academy, an intensive multi-month training and mentoring program that exposes junior developers to critical aspects of the Billhighway ecosystem.

The Academy’s first Junior .NET Developer is Sean Sterling, a computer science graduate from Grand Valley State University specializing in object-oriented design and application development.

“As the inaugural member of the Billhighway Academy, Sean has been fantastic,” says Patrick Steele, senior developer. As part of this program, Sterling will be tackling real business issues and, after graduation, will assist senior staff in the design and development of highly scalable web applications that run nonstop.

According to Suzy Elfishawy, development team leader, “The Billhighway Academy program provides a unique experience, where mentors from our team help guide junior developers in focused tasks that help with their development skills, while they are also gaining domain knowledge about our complicated system. This ensures that at the time of graduation from the program, the Academy graduate is in a much better position to provide immediate value to the development team and have significant impact.”